Got a hater? Send a DAB to their wallet.

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What is a dab? And why did you create DABcoin?

A dab is a spiritual dance move from the gods. It is the ultimate form is self-defense against haters. Which is why we created DABcoin, so you can send someone a DAB to their wallet. And show them who is really boss.

Why DABcoin and not DABtoken?

Because fuck you. That's why.

Why zero decimals?

Can you imagine what it would look like if you only did half a dab in real life?

Where can I find the whitepaper?


Do you have a roadmap?

Date Event
± 2010 The first dab was done in Atlanta
January 11th, 2016 Hillary Clinton dabs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
February 23th, 2016 Bill Gates does a dab on video
August 10th, 2017 Creation of DABcoin
September 1th, 2017 Token Sale live
End of 2020 Listed on most popular exchanges
Begin of 2021 An official DAB app